May 12, 2014

iHeartRadio Awards May 2014

This is the first awards show for iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio is an internet radio platform that operates as a radio station & a music recommender system. 

I was wondering how come I hadn't heard of it before this year. LOL. Another award show for us fashionistas to get to see celebs dress up- awesome!!!!

Now on to the good part :):

They got it right.....

Just lovely.

Serving you some FIERCE!

This is a lot but it's Rihanna. She's very daring with her fashion. Looks like she definitely is a good girl gone bad. Love the bantu knots ,or as we say in Jamaica Chiney Bumps.

Selena looks sexy without showing too much skin.

Miss J Lo killing it as she always does! Sexy but she ain't trying too hard.

A little plain and demure but she looks good.

I'm not totally sold on this look but just happy to see Hillary out and about post divorce. Killer shoes though!

Too plain for an awards show. Karina could have borrowed one of your show costumes. 

She looks very rigid but the individual pieces are nice. Something just looks a little off though.

If this skirt was one length, it would have been right. Haven't seen Mia in a long time so great to see her.

What were they thinking? Huh?!

This young lady needs to learn how to do goth right from Rihanna.

I just don't get this look and how she thought it looked good. The shoes are different. 

Hmmm............................... I just don't know. Nice colour. 

These boots gotta go young lady. Is she trying to break out of her good girl image. Oy!