March 13, 2015

Navy & lace......Eek it's Friday the 13th O_O

It's Friday the 13th...... Hmm just another day as far as I'm concerned. Another day to give thanks, another day to make moves towards my dreams, another day to be happy!

I looooooove this skirt. It combines 2 of my favorite things- coral colored clothes & lace. 

I have posted outfits with coral colored clothes before (here, here, here & here- to show you a few).

I just feel lace is so lady like and classic. A far cry from my inner teenage tomboy but I just love lace!.

Anyhoo, off to work!
Jacket- Seamstress, old
Skirt- Forever 21, US$19.99
Shoes- Nine West, Mommy's


March 11, 2015

What was the #1 song when you were born?

I saw this on Facebook and had to share. 

The #1 song when I was born was "All night long (all night)" by Lionel Richie. 

I actually like this song ^_^. Love Lionel Richie. I first knew who he was at my Grandma's house. She used to play his album often and her & grandpa's song was "Still".

What was yours? Click here to find out. 


March 9, 2015

Checker flag

I've said it so many times and I'll say it again- I love wearing black and white!. 

I've worn it so many times on my blog (here, here, here, here & here- just a few)

I am wearing 2 prints as well. Yes, you can wear more than 1 print at once. One general rule of thumb is for them to have the same color scheme. My shoes are black & white but in a floral pattern. My sweater is checkered. And that's all folks! ;)

Sweater- Mommy's
Skirt- Mommy's
Shoes- Mommy's (Anne Klein)
Thanks Mommy for this outfit.


March 6, 2015

Purple & Grey

My father went to Kingston College and growing up it's been about the school colors purple and white. If I was a boy I would have gone to the all boys school. Fortis!

Despite having the right hardware, I love the color purple.

I love this shirt and even more so these shoes. I decided to wear 2 shades of purple to not be too matchy matchy.

Shirt- NY&Co (Mommy's)
Pants - Charlotte Russe (US$10, sale)
Shoes- Guess (TJ Maxx, US$40)

March 4, 2015

~ * In the Kitchen with Ronnie * ~: Freezing perishables

I've been on a journey, I call it, to be a better version of myself consciously for the last 2 years. One aspect of that is eating healthier. In doing this, I eat less processed food. I go to the market about 2 times a month. Less processed though means more perishable, which means increased spoilage and money wasted. 

I am not about throwing my money into the garbage. No-uh!.

I freeze as many items as I can. I peel food and cut them up and put them in ziploc bags and into the freezer they go. When I need to use them I just defrost or break off a piece and put it in the pot. 

This lemon juice.
The lemons were starting to spoil so I juiced them.

This is what I call my "natural seasonings for cooking" bag. The items are peeled & pre-cut.
It has red & white onions, parsley, escallion
/green onion, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet pepper & garlic.

This is for my detox water - lemons, cucumbers & mint.
Yes I freeze the mint as I'm not going to use the whole bag I buy.

Escallion/green onion prepped.

Papaya & bananas peeled. I like them to get really ripe so that the flavours are really rich.
This great for my shakes & smoothies.
 I just cut off a piece, it's already frozen making it great for blending. I don't need to add ice.

March 2, 2015

Orange & Houndstooth

I love wearing black and white, and houndstooth has both. 

I've worn this print (here, here, here, here & here). LOL I've actually worn this skirt quite a bit. 

What my previous posts demonstrate, is that one can wear black and white with essentially any bright color or any color that pops.

Sweater- Gap Outlet (US$14, sale)
Skirt- Burlington (US$19.99)
Shoes- Nine West (gift)