April 30, 2014

Style Maven: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is an American born but English raised actress, model & fashion designer. To be honest I first heard of her as the on and off again girlfriend of Jude Law and how he cheated on her. I also used to buy a British magazine, Sugar, as a teen and would see her in it as well. Ina  way Lauren Conrad kind of reminds me of her- the girl next door- and they're both blonde beauties. 

She designs, with her sister, for the fashion label Twenty8Twelve and is financially backed by Pepe Jeans.

Beautiful in red in Valentino, sexy in Pucci and a Greek goddess in Marchesa

Lovely patterned Matthew Williamson dress, the stunning jewel she is in Chanel
 & svelte colour blocking in Johnathan Saunders

Even Sienna's street style is something to emulate. It shows her European chic fashion sense.

Sienna rocking studded ear cuffs & headband at the Met Gala

Sheer elegance.

Not just anyone lands the cover of Vogue.

More of Sienna's looks off the red carpet.

Sienna wearing her own label- Twenty8Twelve


April 28, 2014

They call me mellow yellow.....

I love this mustard skirt. It's like the new black, it goes with so many other colours and it's like a neutral for me. I paired it with a shirt in a different shade of yellow and also with some pattern to give the whole ensemble some visual interest.

The shoes I'm wearing are the first pair of expensive shoes I bought for work. They are Unisa. I wasn't earning much, as I was fresh out of college, and to me the shoes were about twice what I'd spend on a shoe but I just loved them. I especially loved the view of the shoe from the side- the profile. For me I can't like a shoe if I don't like the profile of the shoe. They were a good buy too as the shoe is still in good condition.

O how just talking about these shoes make me miss wearing heels. With my twisted ankle I haven't worn heels for 2 months now. I've gotten and X-ray & done some physio but I think I'm going to have to go see another doctor for a second opinion and get another X-ray done. Sigh, I just really miss my heeled shoes. I don't have as wide a variety as I do other shoes.
Shirt- Old Navy (gift)
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Shoes- Unisa (US$70)


April 25, 2014

Style Trend- Ear Cuffs

I love this trend. It's not new but it's just coming back into fashion again. As with almost all trends, it's something that's old that has been modernized and is now called new. 

I saw these on celebrities at first and loved it but thought it was too expensive for me. When I went to Dubai in November 2013, I saw some in Forever 21 and bought a pair and thought I'd rock them to a party in the Christmas - Utopia. The picture isn't very clear but what I liked about them was that they were not gaudy or too much.

Here are some other designs. You can do simple & wear it casually, or more elaborate designs when you have to dress up; & there are cuffs that connect to your hair. Gorgeous!


April 23, 2014

Camouflage...can you see me? ^_^

I'm not really a fan of camouflage but when  saw this shirt, I thought it was a very chic and modern way to wear the print. I also that I could wear it to work. Most of the items I buy these days have to pass the "can I wear it to work?" test. I basically just go to work and home - I don't really go out regularly except for the partying seasons (summer & Christmas). So if I can't wear it to work, I won't wear it much nor will I get mileage out of the item. I have so much clothes and don't wear most of it often. I have the same thought process with shoes. I have soooo many shoes that I don't wear often and often times they sit and dry rot- which is a grand waste of money and a shoe!. Sigh. I have to be more penny-wise these days.

Shirt- Rainbow (US$5, sale)
Skirt- Seamstress (old)
Shoes- Nine West, TJ Maxx (US$35)


April 21, 2014

It's my 1st anniversary!!!!!!

I can't believe one year has passed already. This is my 79th post. I really didn't realize I had done so many posts. It's amazing how starting small can add up to a lot over time (very much like investing LOL). It's been great though.

I started this blog as a creative outlet. I love fashion & wanted to share my thoughts, etc. I am not in a career where I get to express myself creatively/artistically but this is my passion & my true self. I am an artist. Turning 30 last year resulted in me doing a lot of reflection, especially about the type of person that I am and what is it that I truly love to do. I love fashion, painting, making jewellery, baking, interior decorating and so much more. Anything artistic and that's me. ^_^.

I have had people that are not supportive, think it's pointless or think I share too much. I blog for myself and not for anyone's approval. I enjoy blogging and wish I could blog full time but that's not happening, well at least in the near future, so blogging part time will suffice & I truly enjoy it. 

I'd like to say thank you to all those that have visited my blog, those that have subscribed and those that are supportive. 

Here's to many more years blogging! Cheers!


April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Today is Good Friday. This Christian holiday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

I love Easter colours- pastel & bright yellows, pinks, greens, blues, etc. 

I love these shoes and truly don't wear as often as I should. I actually bought them last year Easter on my trip to New York. 

In this outfit I wanted to wear pink and green but in different shades.

Dress- gift
Sweater- Gap (US$13, sale)
Belt- Agaci (US$5)
Shoes- Guess, TJ Maxx (US$40)

I love these shoes ^_^

Have a safe Easter!!!! Don't eat too much bun & cheese- everything in moderation.


April 16, 2014

DIY Eye Cream

I'm all about saving money and finding a more affordable way to do things. Skin treatments are not different. 

As we age our eyes, more specifically the skin around the eyes, tell how old we are. Here is a DIY Eye cream that you can make. Women of all ages should use eye cream, as a preventive measure or to help slow down the aging effects. If you haven't been giving your eyes some attention, start now.

DIY eye cream:

In a baby food jar (or something of similar size) almost completely fill the jar with coconut oil (make sure it's in liquid form, microwave it for a few seconds if you need to). Then add the oil from 6 vitam
in E capsules to the coconut oil (you can use a toothpick, stick pin, whatever you prefer to puncture the capsules). Stir the mixture with a toothpick to blend it and then place the jar in the refrigerator until the mixture becomes solid again. Apply everyday (morning or night...or both).


April 13, 2014

New year & I'm no shrinking violet ;)

This was my second time wearing this dress. I had worn it to a wedding the year before. I was heading to a New Year's Day party, Frenchmen. I thought that since no one at the wedding probably would be there plus it had been a year, that it's be ok to recycle this dress.

Dress- Charlotte Russe (US$20, sale)
Shoes- Payless (US$25)
Accessories- Pandora Bracelets, Armitron watch (gift), Earrings (US$8)

Here's the outfit the year before. LOL I had some of the same accessories.
If it ain't broke....^_^