April 28, 2014

They call me mellow yellow.....

I love this mustard skirt. It's like the new black, it goes with so many other colours and it's like a neutral for me. I paired it with a shirt in a different shade of yellow and also with some pattern to give the whole ensemble some visual interest.

The shoes I'm wearing are the first pair of expensive shoes I bought for work. They are Unisa. I wasn't earning much, as I was fresh out of college, and to me the shoes were about twice what I'd spend on a shoe but I just loved them. I especially loved the view of the shoe from the side- the profile. For me I can't like a shoe if I don't like the profile of the shoe. They were a good buy too as the shoe is still in good condition.

O how just talking about these shoes make me miss wearing heels. With my twisted ankle I haven't worn heels for 2 months now. I've gotten and X-ray & done some physio but I think I'm going to have to go see another doctor for a second opinion and get another X-ray done. Sigh, I just really miss my heeled shoes. I don't have as wide a variety as I do other shoes.
Shirt- Old Navy (gift)
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Shoes- Unisa (US$70)