May 11, 2013

I'm a shoeaholic

I love love love love love SHOES.

Here are some of the  reason, this is my favourite fashion drug:
  • I have been struggling with weight issues since puberty, I find it easier to shop for shoes than clothes.
  • My favourite body part is my feet. I love the profile of a shoe i.e. how it looks from the side. That's how I buy my shoes mostly, if it doesn't look good from the side I'm not interested. I think it's so sexy. 
  • My Grandma always had some really nice shoes and always talked about her shoe collection. For a Grandma she had some hot shoes. My mother also has quite an extensive collection and I get to borrow some of them as well as she give me some (yay me!). She's a size bigger than me but I make it work, hello it's shoes. She also buys a lot of my shoes as we have the same taste and she lives in the US so she gets the good prices. Big up to my Mommy ^_^ (hugs)
My dream job would be to design shoes, well one of my dream jobs but I'll get to that another time, or work with shoes or somehow get employee discounts on shoes. 

So on to my shoe collection, I've never counted the amount of shoes I have. I have a lot of sandals/slippers as well. I recently went to visit Mommy and she gave me a lot of shoes and I sent them down in a barrell. I now have the task of figuring out how to store all of them (this isn't me complaining either, trust me). My problem isn't really that I have too many shoes. It's that I have no space, but in the words of Tim Gunn, I'll "make it work" ^_^.

Currently I have shoes in 2 laundry hampers (the ones that fold up); 7 boxes that paper comes in, 1 drawer of a storage bin and 1 "shoes under". With the amount I have I'm not sure how else to make them all fit and accessible. I can't wait to buy my house and either build another room to convert it into a walk in closet or just convert one room into a closet. I also categorize the shoes, for instance work shoes or black "going out" shoes.

Hehe see my Tigga pillow pet ^_^

Anyone with shoe storage suggestions?