July 25, 2014

Neon stripes

Mommy lent me this skirt for a while now and I was yet to wear it. I didn't know what to really wear it with and if it would look right. Week after week when I'm selecting my outfits for the week on a Sunday, I'd look at this skirt then not bother as another skirt next to it caught my attention. 

White was the obvious choice. Duh! ^_^. Voila!

Sweater- Old Navy (US$13, sale)
Skirt- Worthington, Mommy's
Shoes- Calvin Klein , TJ Maxx (US$25, sale)

July 23, 2014

Designer's Corner: my top 3- Ralph Lauren

I did a previous post on my top 3 designers. Today I will feature Ralph Lauren. 

I love Ralph Lauren as the clothes as so classic, timeless and clean. The brand can be worn to the grocery store and also on a red carpet. The brand offers versatility and simplicity that make you the star of the outfit, not the outfit. Ralph Lauren is classic American. Even the US Olympic team was outfitted by Ralph Lauren for the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014.

I love also that he used to be in his own ad campaigns. You knew the face behind the 

Lauren started out in 1966 selling ties and to making his own under the label 'Polo'. He opened his own tie store, expanded to menswear and thereafter women's suits in 1970. 

Ralph Lauren also has a connection to Jamaica. He has been and had a home in Round Hill, Jamaica. 

Now on to the clothing ^_^.



July 21, 2014

The Navy

I love this skirt. It's kind of mod yet very trendy with it's bold print. It's a statement piece in itself. I threw on some pearls to make it even more ladylike. 

Jacket- old
Skirt- Larry Levine (from Mommy, old)
Shoes- Nine West (Marshalls, US$12 sale)
Pearls- Ronz Jewellery

July 11, 2014


I titled this blog post keyboard for the colours I am wearing. I love wearing black and white as shown by my outfits). It's such a classic pairing. It can be boring but that's one thing I must certainly am not. 

I wore these shoes for practical reasons (my ankle injury) but also I love animal print and want to add a ice twist to this ensemble.

Jacket- old
Pants- old
Shoes- Old Navy (from Mommy)

July 7, 2014

Green with Animal Print

I love wearing animal print. From my blog posts, my outfits often include animal print. 

I could have paired this with red, as most people do, but I usually don't do what everyone else does. 

On a side note, I love being different. Normal is so overdone. I used to hate being different as a teenager but as I grew older, I accepted my uniqueness and I revel in it. ^_^. I love being creatively different and unexpected with my fashion choices. 

I wore my crocs with this outfit as my ankle was injured. 

Sweater- Gap (US$13, sale)
Shirt- Charlotte Russe (US$10, sale)
Pants- H&M (US$3, flea market)
Shoes- Crocs (US$39.99)

July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

To all my American readers. Enjoy the long holiday weekend!!!


July 2, 2014

Mustard & Leopard

Who says that blue-grey has to be boring? No sir! 

I usually wear jackets on Mondays and Tuesdays at work and then wear button down shirts and cardigans on the other days; and get more casual as I get closer to Friday. I'm conservatively work casual while adhering to the dress code.

I had put this jacket and skirt together but thought it was a little drab. I didn't want to add another bright colour so I thought let me jazz up my accessories. Enter shoes! I love these shoes as they are leopard- hello!- and they are super comfortable. Fashion can be comfortable. 

Also this jacket was part of the uniform for the last place I worked at. I had already paid tax on it and it was mine to keep after I left. It was a properly structured, lined and tailored jacket so I kept it and wear it from time to time. Forget bad memories, I'm talking about having another weapon in my fashion arsenal. A jacket like this would cost me a pretty penny. 

Jacket- from my old job
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Shoes- Kenneth Cole (Mommy's)