May 7, 2014

Designer's Corner: my top 3- Elie Saab

Over the years of watching awards shows and so on I've heard of Elie Saab but it was in doing a blog post some time last year that I came across a video of the show and was mesmerized with the designer's work. In doing more research as well as blog posts during awards season, I fell in love. 

I was asked some time last year to name my three favourite designers and I thought about it long and hard and came up with Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen & Elie Saab. 

Why Elie Saab? Some of the dresses are so intricate and are true works of art. They celebrate being feminine and accentuate the essence of being a woman.

Elie Saab is a Lebonese fashion designer. The label started in 1982 in Beirut initially specializing in bridal couture with very intricate details. His style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture. His gowns are worn by royalty & celebrities. He came to more prominence in 2002 when Halle Berry wore his dress when she won an Oscar.

He had his first haute couture collection show in Paris in July 2003. Saab's creations are in boutiques located in Beirut, Paris and London as well as has 60 retail outlets all over the world.

Now on to my favourite part- the pictures! ^_^.

The man himself- Elie Saab