May 26, 2014

Billboard Music Awards May 2014

The Billboard Music Awards were held on May 18 2014 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. The performances included Shakira, J.Lo, Lorde, Iggy Azalea & Arianne Grande, Ricky Martin, Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert.

Most notably was the hologram performance by Michael Jackson. Some people thought the performance was great by Michael Jackson but a lot of people thought it was creepy. 

Now on to the fashion. We had more misses than hits with this award I thought. 

 ***  HITS  ***
These ladies of country music look great.

This woman is in her 40s yet she looks better than many girls half her age. Simply stunning!

Simple but very interesting.

Simple dress, statement shoes.

This is how to wear shorts on the red carpet.
Also the picture below.

Simple again but very interesting. Less can be more. 
This is a HUGE improvement from how Kesha normally looks. 

***  BORDERLINE  ***

This would have been a hit if there wasn't 'underboob'. It's sacrilege to do this to a Alexander McQueen dress. 

She looks like she's going to a garden party. She looks nice though.

This is too much boob. I feel like they're about to fall out. I'm sure her stylist double stick taped the hell out of that top.

This is a Zuhair Murad dress and it's gorgeous but this isn't the right dress for this event.
This dress is a little boring for the event and doesn't do Shania  much justice.

I preferred Shakira's performance outfit. There's something off about this look. The shoes are too clunky. 
Jordan looks smoking but hate the canerows.

***  WTH- What the heck? ... aka the 'Misses'   ***

Some people like this look... I just don't. 

We can see her bra!

Nice shoes.........

Really Natasha? Nice shoes though.

No words................