May 19, 2014

Blushing Garden

I don't really consider myself a girlie girl but as all colours I can appreciate pink. I don't go overboard with it though but I do like pastels for Easter and love this blush dress. It's actually sleeveless so to make it appropriate for work I paired it with this lovely cardigan.

This is one of my favourite cardigans as it has so many colours and can go with so many outfits and not only that it's so ladylike. It also is not too young nor too old. 

Dress- Mommy's
Cardigan- Gift from Mommy
Shoes- Mommy's (Nine West)
LOL. The caption for the picture is all about my Mom. I know I get a lot of my clothes from Mommy, as I do looks. Many people say we look like twins. People often wonder if we are sisters but she always sets them straight by saying I'm her daughter. On my last trip to NYC last month, we sat as she went through old pictures. Some were of her at my age now and I was like "Wow, we look alike". Even down to the slight gap with our front teeth. I wear her clothes and she also knows my taste and anything she sees while shopping, and knows I'd like she gets. 

Love you Mommy!!!!