July 23, 2014

Designer's Corner: my top 3- Ralph Lauren

I did a previous post on my top 3 designers. Today I will feature Ralph Lauren. 

I love Ralph Lauren as the clothes as so classic, timeless and clean. The brand can be worn to the grocery store and also on a red carpet. The brand offers versatility and simplicity that make you the star of the outfit, not the outfit. Ralph Lauren is classic American. Even the US Olympic team was outfitted by Ralph Lauren for the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014.

I love also that he used to be in his own ad campaigns. You knew the face behind the 

Lauren started out in 1966 selling ties and to making his own under the label 'Polo'. He opened his own tie store, expanded to menswear and thereafter women's suits in 1970. 

Ralph Lauren also has a connection to Jamaica. He has been and had a home in Round Hill, Jamaica. 

Now on to the clothing ^_^.