May 28, 2013

I'm blue again

I love this blue jacket and had to show you how I wore it with another skirt. 

My original plan was to wear a black jacket but when I put on the black inner blouse, it was a different colour black and different fabrics. The inner blouse made the black jacket look washed out. I didn't like the overall look so I quickly switched to wearing the blue jacket before heading out the door. I got some many compliments on how the colour looked good on me, making my day even better. 
Forever 21 Lace Contrast Waist Skirt US$9.99 (sale)
Forever 21 Essential Jacquard Woven Blazer US$15.99 (sale)
Jessica Simpson Callie pumps US$40 (sale,
 Black inner blouse US$5 (Agaci)