May 29, 2013

Clear enamel- make your costume jewellery last longer

Sometimes we have the issue of costume jewellery losing it's luster or tarnishing/'turning'. Not all of us can afford the 'real thing' i.e. gold and silver jewellery.

This is the simple trick I use to prolong the life of my pieces: mist your jewellery with clear enamel.

Don't spray it directly as it may leave a white film, so mist it.

This product is available at hardwares and craft stores.

Get more value for your money by making the items last longer.

I was reminded of this tip I use when I was on Facebook and someone (Cheapalicious) had a post saying she couldn't wait to try it.

Some people also use clear nail polish but the enamel works better I find.

The story behind this tip is a friend of mine that does patio & garden art pieces ( She used it to finish her pieces so that they wouldn't fade and I thought what a clever idea so I decided to try it on my costume jewellery.

Also if the colour fades or something, you can use nail polish to bring life back to an item.