March 13, 2015

Navy & lace......Eek it's Friday the 13th O_O

It's Friday the 13th...... Hmm just another day as far as I'm concerned. Another day to give thanks, another day to make moves towards my dreams, another day to be happy!

I looooooove this skirt. It combines 2 of my favorite things- coral colored clothes & lace. 

I have posted outfits with coral colored clothes before (here, here, here & here- to show you a few).

I just feel lace is so lady like and classic. A far cry from my inner teenage tomboy but I just love lace!.

Anyhoo, off to work!
Jacket- Seamstress, old
Skirt- Forever 21, US$19.99
Shoes- Nine West, Mommy's