March 4, 2015

~ * In the Kitchen with Ronnie * ~: Freezing perishables

I've been on a journey, I call it, to be a better version of myself consciously for the last 2 years. One aspect of that is eating healthier. In doing this, I eat less processed food. I go to the market about 2 times a month. Less processed though means more perishable, which means increased spoilage and money wasted. 

I am not about throwing my money into the garbage. No-uh!.

I freeze as many items as I can. I peel food and cut them up and put them in ziploc bags and into the freezer they go. When I need to use them I just defrost or break off a piece and put it in the pot. 

This lemon juice.
The lemons were starting to spoil so I juiced them.

This is what I call my "natural seasonings for cooking" bag. The items are peeled & pre-cut.
It has red & white onions, parsley, escallion
/green onion, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet pepper & garlic.

This is for my detox water - lemons, cucumbers & mint.
Yes I freeze the mint as I'm not going to use the whole bag I buy.

Escallion/green onion prepped.

Papaya & bananas peeled. I like them to get really ripe so that the flavours are really rich.
This great for my shakes & smoothies.
 I just cut off a piece, it's already frozen making it great for blending. I don't need to add ice.