April 13, 2015

Black & white...again

I've been MIA for a while, Basically I've been trying to make some life changing decisions and I've been doing some reflection. I wondered if I really should continue this blog or not. I'm not making money from it, does anyone really read it?, I have very little free time and feel overwhelmed a lot- not blogging would be one less thing in my long list of things to do. All that aside, I have decided to continue as I love fashion & styling and I do this for me.I'm back y'all!!!!

I love wearing black & white (as seen here, here, here & here). I love wearing black and somehow white comes in. LOL. 

This jacket is actually a sweater. It looks a jacket as the fabric is a bit sturdier. I wear jackets on Mondays & Tuesdays. I wear sweaters on Fridays & Thursdays sometimes. I get more casual as the week progresses. I wore this on a Monday or Tuesday. I can't remember :).

Jacket/Sweater- Mommy's
Skirt- old
Shoes- Nine West (US$29,99, TJ Maxx)

Like both pics so I'm posting both ;p