April 24, 2015

Orange & Grey

Have you ever found some great deals at the flea market? I did with this skirt. I got it for US$3. Yes, seriously! It's a Gap skirt too. It takes some work sometimes to weed through to find nicer pieces, but the cost is the best part. I've found some really nice clothes from the flea market and some were even brands I knew. I've gotten a few Gap, H&M, Banana Republic and other brand name items and all for less than US$5.

It may be second hand but unless I told you, you'd never know. It's like getting hand me downs from an older relative. Some people turn their noses up to thrift shopping but as long as it looks fine, I have no issue. The savings benefit is definitely something to smile about. ^_^ and you can take THAT to the bank! You just have to check that there are no visible tears or snags and that the buttons and zips are good. 

Shirt- American Eagle Outfitters (Mommy's)
Skirt- Gap (Flea market, US$3)
Shoes - Bandolino (Ross Stores, US$19.99)