May 25, 2015

Green & Mustard

This is one of my favorite colour skirts. It's not the usual yellow and it goes with everything. 

It's also more comfy as it hits right below my knee, making it very work appropriate. 

Jacket- old
Skirt- US$10 (seamstress)
Shoes - Nine West (US$40, TJ Maxx)

Anything above my knee, I get so self conscious and worry about people saying I have fat knees. The things we women worry about. Sigh. 

I also worry that people will say it's not work appropriate according to the company's dress code. The worst thing you can do is give people ammunition especially in an environment where people will step on others to get ahead or for them to feel better about themselves. Hi haters! and boy do I seem to have a lot. I read somewhere though if you have people hating on you like that, you probably are doing something right. ;)

Another point I'd like to make also about this skirt is that the length is important for another reason. I'm short, I'm 5 feet 3.75 inches- yes the .75 counts :p. A shorter skirt will make me look shorter visually. A skirt that hits below the knee lengthens me. Also the nude shoes also help with the illusion of being visually longer- tricks of the trade. There is a method to my madness ^_^