June 12, 2013

Jersey-fied ==> animal print

It's not just the ladies of New Jersey that love animal print, as I sure do. Now I must admit, the trend had to grow on me a bit but after watching Jerseylicious, Real Housewives of New Jersey & Jersey Shore I just love it. I'm convinced I can wear it in a much classier way than some of the ladies on these shows and not make it look trashy. 

One of my fashion pet peeves is that I hate when people wear brown and black together as very rarely people wear it the way I like. With animal print however it's the perfect way to wear black and brown. The print shown below can be worn with a black, brown, beige, white even a blue bottom. This therefore stretches the functionality and the # of outfits that this top can go with (see my previous post about Building your wardrobe- work attire).

My mom got me these shoes on sale (bless her shoe & deal loving heart- hence where I got it from). At first I was like yuck black and brown together but then (angels singing) I loved it. I'm like "Dang these are hot" and I had to find the right outfit to incorporate black & brown. 

Shirt US$10 (Charlotte Russe, sale)
Skirt US$2 (thrifted)
Shoes US$20 (Charles by Charles David, TJ Maxx)