June 5, 2013

Flower Power

Cardigans are a cost effective option for the office. Jackets are great but sometimes cost a bit for a well tailored one. I have found jackets on sale for US$15.99, which is a pretty good price, but I like to really STRETCH my dollar and not only that the amount of options I have in my closet. My favourite brand of cardigans, in terms of price and quality, is GAP. You can get some for US$10 or less at the outlet stores (with discounts applied). I have quite a bit of cardigans in many colours. They are a great way to look professional and put together. 

Cleavage isn't appropriate for the office as some cardigans are cut a little low, so make sure to have camisole or tops you can wear underneath the cardigans. Also some cardigans may be a bit thin and your bra may print through (especially the lacy ones). Tube tops are also a good option but be mindful of the type of fabric. I have on a black sleeveless shirt under my cardigan in the picture below. My office is so cold that layering is good. ^_^

Skirt- Made by seamstress US$10
Shoes- Nine West US$30 (TJ Maxx)
Cardigan- US$3 (Thrift store)