June 14, 2013


I'm always on the hunt for ways to save a buck. Well I have weight issues, since puberty, and now I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)- a condition where one of the symptoms is weight gain. You and I could be doing the same exercise and diet regimen and you will lose weight and I might actually gain weight. 

Well I'm trying to overcome this condition. I'm turning 30 in November and I'm on a mission- to be thinner for 30! Now note I haven't set a goal weight. I really just want to be thinner, meaning more toned, healthier and happier. ^_^. 

So anywayz, I actually came across a site called Sparkpeople.com almost 2 years ago. I stumbled on the site when I was googling and trying to find out which one of the million and one diets out there was for me. Now the greatest thing about Spark People is that it's F-R-E-E!. Now when I started I learnt a lot and was addicted to the site and lost 10 lbs. During this time I had changed birth control pills twice and my weight yo-yoed. Then one day my period stopped. Freak out moment! So I went on some medication to get my period back and it did come back. Thing is I kept gaining weight and I was working out and eating good (not perfect mind you), now something must have been wrong. 3 years prior I had a myomectomy and have had some hormonal issues since. So I was convinced something was wrong with me, I mean how can I be doing the right things (especially when they had worked before) and I wasn't losing weight. I went to my gynaecologist and asked her to run some tests, to do a full hormonal check. I spoke to her about my concerns and she said it may be 1 of 2 illnesses- PCOS or a thyroid prob. Sure enough when the test results cam back, she said I had PCOS. Now to be told I have an incurable but treatable illness sucks but to know that something was wrong with me felt great.

So back to Spark People, this site is jam packed with everything you need- food tracker, fitness tracker, support groups, daily emails, tons of articles, free videos, motivational quotes, the works:

"At SparkPeople, our mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. We offer nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free, while other sites like Weight Watchers and eDiets.com charge their members for similar services. Our weight loss program teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople helps everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly—for life. And people who don’t want to lose weight can still join and benefit from SparkPeople's tools, resources and community features. In addition to informative articles and interactive tools, such as fitness trackers and meal plans, members can find support and encouragement from our vibrant, positive community of members and experts. We pride ourselves in offering medically accepted weight-loss and healthy lifestyle recommendations that are easy to understand and implement." (Source: www.sparkpeople.com)

So it's not about just weight loss, it's about a healthier lifestyle. I've been on the site 2 years and my commitment has fluctuated during this time but for those of us who are overweight, we know the problem isn't food the problem is why we seek comfort in food and then let ourselves go and just give up. I had to get my mind in it totally, it's mostly a mental battle. I won't eat properly or exercise if I don't have the right mind set. I've hit the reset button, as I have many times, and here I go again. Let's do this!!!!!

I must say I am feeling excited about this next chapter of my life. I was really freaked out at the start of the year about turning 30 but it was the push I needed to figure out what I wanted in life and to make efforts to go towards my goals. I may have this big cloud and obstacle called PCOS but I can try. I've tried many times and failed but I feel good about this time achieving my goals.