June 26, 2013

Tiny Buddha- kinda like free therapy!!!

This year started out a bit rough for me due to me freaking out about turning 30, stress at my job, among other things. I used to work with a lady that was so happy all the time, I used to wonder what she was on because I needed some of it. She's into yoga and such and just an inspiration to me as she was in a career that I am interested in, she changed careers, started her own business and she essentially went after her dreams. I messaged her the other day and asked her if there was a website or something that I could sign up for daily emails or something to help me be more positive in life. She told me about www.tinybuddha.com

I signed up for daily emails. As I read each article, it was as if every article was about my life. I had been starting to feel better about my life and sorting through some of the issues that were confusing me. The articles really helped change my outlook and attitude. There will be challenges and set backs in our lives but it's how we view these occurrences that help shape how we deal with them. It's better to look at the glass half full- have a positive attitude.