June 28, 2013

Mustard, Mint & Lavender

I got these shoes in TJ Maxx in March this year and I was dying to wear them. 

Now some of you may think these colours are kind of weird to be worn together (as a co-worker of mine told me) but I like thinking outside of the box and being different. I was proud of my colour combination- it was different. It was Easter-y, spring colours and fun. 

Funny enough I had this statement necklace and it was the same colour of the shoes. 

I just love the colour mustard. I couldn't find a skirt in the colour so I actually went and found the fabric (angels sang when I saw it in Pablo's) and got my dressmaker/seamstress to get it made. 

Didn't really want to share this picture as I hate the expression on my face- I literally was saying with my teeth clenched "Take the picture", lol.