June 23, 2013

Night out on the town- PARTY time ^_^

I haven't been out to the club or a party in a while. I work so hard, I don't party all the time but I have to enjoy life a bit sometimes. 

I've been dying to wear these shoes and I was so happy to get an opportunity to do so. Took this shot before heading out. Knowing myself, I would have danced up a storm and wouldn't look so fresh when I came home so I took the picture before rather than after my night out. I'm getting into ankle strap shoes. I'm working on building a collection of them but of course only at the right price, as I've shown in a previous post, I sure don't need any more shoes. 

Shoes US$26.80 (Forever21)
Skirt US$5.99 (Forever 21, sale)
Top (from Mommy)