June 30, 2014

Black & blue: 2 in 1

I love wearing black but wearing black doesn't have to be boring. 

I'm not girly girly, you think yea right, but I really am a tomboy on the inside as I was as a teenager. I love lady like details in clothes though, such as lace and ruffles. I love lace. It's a little weird but I think it can be classic, lady like, proper AND sexy. I fell in love with this skirt when I saw in online at Forever 21. This look is lady like, work appropriate but with a little sass- a modern and fashionable way to wear lace. 

I actually wore this on a Friday to work; and went for drinks and dinner after as is. ^_^. This is how you can transition from day to evening to night.  

Cardigan- Old Navy (from Mommy)
Inner Blouse- (Rainbow, US$5)
Skirt- Forever 21 (US$9.99, sale)
Shoes- Nine West (
Marshall's, US$25)