June 4, 2014

Style Trend: Ankle Strap shoes

This isn't a brand new trend and is like many other trends, it's really is an old style but revamped and made new. I started liking this trend again when I noticed that one of the bloggers I follow, Karla's Closet, wore a lot of ankle strap and pointy toe pumps. I bought 3 ankle strap shoes because of this. 

It was in doing this post that I realized that I had a lot of this style shoes. LOL. Here's a few in my collection, including the 3 I bought. 

The more of your feet you show, the sexier the look with this style. 

Celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have also made the shoe style more popular. 

Even flats have ankle straps for added flair.

Here are few ankle strap shoe styles: