June 20, 2014

Tribal Maxi Dress

I love this dress. I saw it on the sale rack at Charlotte Russe and had to have it. I did hesitate a bit as it's a maxi dress. I am short (5" 3.75', yes the .75 counts ;)), have wide hips & a dress especially with a print like this can make me look wider and shorten me even more. Thank God for heels as they help in creating an illusion of elongating me which helps to make me look slimmer. Who doesn't want that? ^_^

I don't like to show too much cleavage so I wore a tube top seeing that the dress had a low neckline. Improvise!

I was going out for frozen yogurt with my friends to celebrate one of them getting a new job. I had such a good time. My ankle was still recovering so I wore my ankle brace- that's the black thing peeping out. 
Dress- Charlotte Russe (US$15, sale)
Shoes- 6pm.com (US$20.70)