June 11, 2014

Style Trend: Midi Rings

I've ALWAYS loved rings. It's one of my favourite accessories. I'm a little OCD in the way I accessorize sometimes. I have to have on earrings, 2 bracelets on my right wrist, a watch on my left wrist, 2 rings on my right hand (middle & ring fingers) and 1 ring on my left hand (on my middle finger). Yea, a little OCD right? I have quite a collection of rings and I love buying them.

When I saw more and more persons wearing rings at the joints of their fingers, I was intrigued. Midi rings, as their names suggest, are rings worn in the middle of your finger -more specifically at the middle of the joints. Some rings are extended, I really like the ones that are connected with a chain. Celebrities, especially Rihanna, have been rocking the trend as well.