November 14, 2014

Workout look

I like to work out at home. I don't like any one seeing me or watching me. I used to go to a gym for a year and couldn't afford to sign up for another year and started exercising at home.

 I follow free weekly schedule & videos from Tone It Up. I also use some dvds I have sometimes for cardio. I never really cared what I wore to work out and would wear very drab clothes. In watching the instructors for a couple weeks I wanted nice, bright & cute workout clothes like what they would wear. They have such infectious positive attitudes which really helps with keeping motivated. 

I also started to exercise with my full length mirror in front of me, leaning against my chest of drawers. I like watching myself, it's funny. I also get to see my form- how well I am doing a move. 

Top- Forever 21 (US$5, sale)
Leggings - Danice (US$5)
Sneakers- Champion (US$25, sale)