November 21, 2014

It's my birthday!!!!

Ah, on November 21, 1983 a cute bundle of joy came into the world- Ronalda was here! ^_^

So I am 31 years old today. Sigh, can't believe it. Like really, I don't feel 31 at all. I still feel like I'm 22 but with the maturity & some life experiences of a 31 year old. 

I don't feel like I look 31 either. I feel great about myself and more confident than ever. It's funny the things that as you get older you accept about your looks and yourself that other people make fun of or tease you about, or you yourself feel badly about.  I love the person I am, how I look and know that each day I get better!

So for my birthday I took the week off from work. I usually take my birthday off, if I can. If I do nothing else, as long as I am not at work, I would have had a great birthday. 

Talk a good reason to eat cake, huh? I actually am making my own birthday cake this year. My final Designer Cake class was on November 16 and I did my final cake in class. I put it in the fridge until today. I was in NYC since Sunday and cam back yesterday. 

My mother came down with me so she is here for my birthday. I went to the beach to have some delicious fish and went to visit my grandmother's grave. Seeing my grandma was a birthday tradition. This is my 2nd one without her, she is sorely missed. She was my happy place and my world. 

 Here's to another one. I'm proud of my age and announcing it. I feel grateful to have made it this far as so many others have not. My thing is as long as I don't look nor feel my age, I'll shout it from the rooftops.