September 8, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers

When I heard she was sick and in the hospital in serious condition, I prayed she would pull through. When I heard she died, I was so sad. When it is your time, it is your time. 

She will be sorely missed though :(. 

I didn't have cable until I was living on my own so I never got to see much of her career but when she took over Fashion Police I was hooked. 

Here's my typical Friday night. Starting at 6pm, I watch E News, then Say Yes to the Dress then Fashion Police, then more of the last 2 until I go to sleep. I also clean my kitchen, put my laundry to soak, work out and wash off my patio in between everything. Boring I know but it's my thing. 

My TV line up won't be the same anymore. I love the other co-hosts but I just loved how Joan would push the boundaries with her jokes. Fashion Police will not be the same. As they said on an E News tribute to Joan, she would say what everyone else was thinking but would not say. 

I loved her sense of humour and her potty mouth. For an old lady she was super cool and with the times. I especially loved that she was so kind, caring and loving. I saw a lot of myself in her. 

It's weird that she died at the start of Fashion Week. The coverage wasn't the same. 

I will truly miss Joan Rivers.