September 10, 2014

Black and blue... with leopard

If you are a follower of my blog, you would have noticed that I have quite a few items in my wardrobe that are animal print.

When I saw this top on the sale rack I had to have it. I had never worn it to work before and it's sleeveless. Enter the cardigan- the amazing wardrobe extender! 

The shoes I'm wearing I had had for a number of years and certainly did their time. I had worn them out indeed. This was the last time I had worn them. A moment of silence for my shoes please..... ^_^. It's really hard for me to let go of shoes. They have to really look bad for me to throw them out or give them away.

Cardigan- Old Navy (US$13, sale)
Top- Rainbow (US$10, sale)
Pants- H&M (US$3, thrift store)
Shoes- Nine West (US$40)