January 13, 2014

The Golden Globes 2014

The Golden Globe Awards were held last night. This is the start of awards season...(cue angelic sounds). 

For us Fashionistas this is like our crack. This is where all the A-lists pull out all the stops. Some persons also not so known, they can get added attention from the right dress choice. For the actresses that are not married, it's like their wedding day. The dress is uber important. If they are lucky enough, they can have their 'wedding day' every year and several times for the year during awards season. 

I'm here awaiting Joan Rivers' et al comments on Fashion Police tonight. This is must see TV for me ^_^. 

Here are some of my favourites:

My best dressed for the night. Lupita is GORGEOUS.
Talk about the right colour and I love Ralph Lauren. 

Simply elegant.

Starlets that are preggers were truly glowing.

Sophia is always one to watch and I'm happy she deviated from the usual mermaid dress.

Love this girl. The face of Dior, I wonder who designed this dress? Hmm....

A rather different look but Elizabeth Moss hit it out of the park.

Taylor looks like Taylor usually does.....

Lovely ladies in black and white. 

This is the best fashion daring choice to me on the red carpet last night. Go Emma!

Hmm, I'm not too sure about this dress for the Golden Globes. Paula is beautiful but I think this dress should have been for an event like the Met Gala. She looks great though. 

Pretty ladies in red. 

Lena Dunham looked so great.
Sandy always does it right. Did you know that she & Julia Roberts share the same stylist?
Julia looks great. What an odd but great choice to pair a strapless dress with an oxford shirt!

Lovely ladies in metallics
I wait with bated breath for the next award show this weekend- the SAG awards.