January 24, 2014

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards Jan 2014

The SAG awards was held on January 18, 2014. The night was filled with more hits than misses and it sure was a delight.

Lupita is GAW-GEOUS!!! OMG. What a beautiful colour on her skin. She has such beautiful skin.
I'm so happy to people are acknowledging her beauty especially despite her race. 

Julia Roberts looks so great in this pink Valentino
jumpsuit. Yes that's right a jumpsuit. It's fab!!!
Elegance personified!

Cate Blanchett doesn't shy away from light colours despite her skin tone. She's lovely in Givenchy. 

This lady is such a fashionista. She's pregnant, wearing a crop top & showing skin- talk about daring!

Amy Adams looks great in this jewel toned dress by Antonio Berardi

Michele Dockery is wearing 2 hot trends- black & white and colour blocking. I'm a huge fan of both.

Sofia is known for wearing a statement necklace with body hugging dress. She accentuates her assets- if it ain't broke.......

Jennifer Lawrence plays it a little safe in this Dior dress. 

Camilla & Matthew are giving Brad & Angie a run for their money as most stylish & beautiful couple on the red carpet.

I like this dress on Claire Danes- it's different!

This woman has been hitting it out of the park every single time for a while now. Love Sandy!!!
Love the shoes.

Lovely colour

Not so sure about this dress for this event.....


What is this? Seriously?! The lace and colour are lovely but on Mayim it just looks wrong.
Maybe if the sleeves were capped and the edge of the lace hit the waist a bit higher to create a longer visual line.....maybe.

I'm sorry where did Julianne think she was going? To a corporate luncheon. She just needs a jacket! Tres drab! In the words of Andre Leon Talley- "dreckitude".
This isn't so bad but not the right dress for this event... or is it the shoes?......