January 3, 2014

Fashion emergencies- be prepared :)

We never know when we are going to have a fashion emergency. What do I mean by fashion emergency you may ask? I mean an accident that ruins the style, look or uniformity of an outfit. For instance, being at work at your shoe strap bursts or your skirt hem gets loose or a strap for your top bursts? OMG.

This happened to me this morning. As I was going to work and getting into my car, I twisted my ankle a bit but figured everything was ok. I did check if all the areas of the shoe were fine. I got out of my car and got to my desk, only to see that one of the straps was indeed was out of place. Sigh. I live close to my office but couldn't go home and get another shoe to match my outfit. Luckily I have silver flats at my desk and wore those for the day. 

You can't go home or leave where you are, what do you do? Here are a few tips:

  • SAFETY PINS &/OR SEWING KIT. They come in handy if a strap on your top bursts, a hem or a seam becomes undone. They are also handy if your shirt is gaping. Double stick tape also works great for gaping shirts.
  • HAIR PINS &/OR BANDS. These are good for hair messes, as well as a brush and/or comb in your bag. A mirror would also be good. If you have a compact that you use for your makeup, it can be used to fix your hair as well. Short on space – go for one of those cute brushes that fold up in a compact.

  • CLEAR NAIL POLISH. You could have in your handbag or at your desk for stocking/pantyhose runs/snags I rarely ever wear them without it running on the first wear. I'm kind of clumsy sometimes & taking it off and never wearing it again is wasting money. If it's not a bad run you can dab a small amount of clear nail polish on it to prevent it being worse. Literally to stop it right in its tracks. ^_^. I also have an extra pair of stockings in my desk. 
  • EXTRA PAIR OF SHOES. I have 2 pairs of flats that I keep at my desk- silver and black. These are not just for shoes bursting but also I wear heels and sometimes they hurt so instead of suffering I just switch to my flats. There's a joke in my office that they'll see pass by at a certain height then another time I'm shorter ^_^. I also have black and brown heels in the car.

  • STAIN REMOVER PEN. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a bit of a clutz and food stains are par for the course for me. If wearing a bib as an adult was socially acceptable I wouldn’t have this issue. Since it’s not, I so happy when stain remover pens became available- they are cheaper and of course easy to carry.

They even have fashion emergency kits for sale. The Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit is purse-sized, and contains Fashion Tape assortment sample pack, Deodorant-Removing Sponge, Lint-Removing Sheets, Sewing Kit, Stain Wipe, Earring Back, Instant Button, Hair Band, Nail File, Blister Pad and Shoe-Shine Sponge.
Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit US$14.99

I  have all these items except the deodorant-removing sponge. I have a lint brush & shoe shine sponge (I got this from a hotel) at my desk. I have a sewing kit, a nail file, fashion tape, wipes & earring backs (I make jewellery so I have or you could take from another set of earrings) in my handbag.