January 24, 2014

I got some new tools to improve the quality of my blog ^_^

I love blogging. I love expressing my point of  view and just putting my thoughts out there. I've stifled my creativity & true passions long enough anf have figured out a few things along the way. Not to mention, I wish I could get a TV show and do this full time like Courtney Kerr. I truly enjoy posting entries.

I subscribe to a number of blogs myself and been thinking about how to improve.

Taking pictures has been such a pain for me as I usually don't have anyone around to take pictures of my outfits. I would use my camera and use the self timer but getting the right height and distance and getting my whole body in the shot often proved difficult. It would sometimes take me up to 30 minutes to get one decent shot. This kind of demotivated me from taking pictures. I've worn a lot of blog-worthy outfits to work over the last few months but just couldn't be bothered with it.

I love to blog so I thought I need to take these pictures. I got the following new toys/tools recently and look forward to using them and posting better pictures in my effort to make my blog better.