October 4, 2013

The Emmys Sep 2013

I know I'm a little late but I wanted to do this post any way. Who watches the Emmys for the fashion? I do!. Who doesn't even watch the Emmys but watch Fashion Police & search online for photos? Me again! ^_^.
I'm a fashion whore- there I said it and I admit it. I just love fashion, the artistry, etc. I've mentioned this before I know but I just love love love fashion. I FASHION. That being said, this year's Emmy fashion choices weren't that stellar. There were a few that were nice & some were what we expect.
There were too many light colours and it washed out a lot of people. A woman needs to know what colour works for your skin tone. For me I love black, coral & blue.  I'm obsessed with black clothes- they're dual purpose too, they make me look slimmer. ^_^ & I've been wearing a lot of black for years. To make my outfits more current I've been pairing them with more colourful accessories. This has been the focus of my newer purchases to add some more colour to my wardrobe. I also find that adding colour makes you appear younger and fresher but of course when done correctly.
These are some of my favorite & not so favourite looks:

I like Lena Dunham but I just wanna grab her and style her. Good effort though.

As a lady what has a lot of curves, it ain't easy to keep everything in and still look sexy. It's not always about showing a lot of skin. Ms. Hendricks looks stellar. No wonder she got Best Dressed for the Emmys from Joan Rivers on Fashion Police

Sofia Vergara sticks to what she looks best in & highlights her assets- a mermaid dress.

Kaley Couco & Carrie Underwood looks are quite similar. They both look great but this is a safe fashion choice.

Claire Danes' dress kind washes her out, too pale and the dress needed taking in at the breast area or she needed some padding there.

Kerry Washington, for the best dressed woman of the year, I expected more but it is a pretty dress.

Simply elegantly while being very fashionable- this Downtown Abbey star looked fab.

A rather fussy dress but I like it. Good job Julie Bowen

This 'Orange is the new black' star was elegant in white.

Maria Menuos, Allison Hannigan & Rosci Diaz stunned in mermaid dresses.

Loved Kate Mara's white dress. A little edgy for the Emmys but I kinda like it. She's been around a lot longer than her sister Rooney but hasn't been celebrated enough. I love that she's holding her own in House of Cards.

January Jones normally looks a lot better than this. Like Claire Danes, this dress washes her out.

A little dark for Ms. Highland as it makes her look older but it's a nice departure from her princess-y usual look. She looks great.

I don't even know what to say about this..... just wrong on her and for the event.

I know Mayim Bialik is trying but hire a stylist! I'm available. She was on What Not to Wear so this is a lot better than where she's coming from.

Tina Fey looks hot. She had a nip slip but she looks great for 43.