October 29, 2013

German connection

I love this mustard skirt. I started the outfit selection with the skirt, then chose the red jacket, then needed an inner blouse and chose this black one. I kept thinking what is red, yellow and black... It wasn't until doing this post and googling the colours did I realize that they were the colours in the German flag. Go figure! My mother went to Germany couple years ago and said the countryside was so beautiful.

I wanted to not wear black shoes with the outfit so upon looking at my collection I decided to wear my leopard flats. My feet wear hurting also from working out the day before so I didn't want to wear heels. 

Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Jacket- Agaci (US$10, sale)
Inner blouse- Rainbow (US$5)
Shoes- Merona at Target (US$25)