October 19, 2013

Style Maven- Olivia Palermo

I first saw this young lady in 2009 on the spin-off of "The Hills" - "The City". She was a mega *itch and I didn't like her very much or how she treated Whitney. I must say though in the years after the show I kept seeing her style being highlighted and her pictures on shows on Style, E!, etc. and other media publications. 

One thing was undeniable, this girl had style and was fast becoming one to watch and quite the style maven. 

She has quite a history in fashion- being a model & working for Diane Von Furstenburg & Elle. I love that she has a dog (I'm a dog lover ^_^), mixes patterns & prints; and especially LOVE that she wears flats quite a bit. Some women feel flats are only functional & not stylish but she shows that flats are acceptable. There are days I just don't feel like wearing heels but still want to look cute; or my feet hurt from wearing some heels the days before & just need a break. 

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes. Her taste in shoes is impeccable!!!!!

Such great style....

This girl loves a poufy, fringe skirt.

These shoes are to die!!!

This reminds me of Carey Bradshaw

Love how she puts together two animal prints

Pretty in pastels

Great mix of colours and fabric textures

She must be channelling Jackie-O

Fab, fab, fab... Look how she mixes the hounds tooth pattern with lace in the 3rd outfit.

Look at her cute doggie!

She knows she'll be snapped walking her dog (there are so many dog walking pics of her) but she dresses more on the casual side. Practical & stylish!

She even wears flats at events, not just while running around town :)

Dressed to the nine.

She either has a clutch or an over-sized bag in tote. Have to put the cell phone & lip gloss somewhere right? 

Love this look, something I'd definitely wear.