October 16, 2013

What's purple, teal & mustard? ...... Me!!

I was dying to wear a jewel toned outfit and wore this ensemble on my birthday last year. Ha, it's almost been a year already- gee how time flies. 

For my birthday this year, the Big 3-0, I'm treating myself to a trip to Dubai. I have had my eye on a Michele watch for three years now but I thought why spend so much money on a watch I wasn't going to wear much, because I spent so much money on it. To some it may not be a lot but to me it is. Anyhoo, will definitely post pics from Dubai. I have a friend that lives there and I thought I've always wanted to travel so I wanted to have the experience rather than a watch......I still want the watch though :).

Oy mi golly, I need to tone up my tummy (eek) and make sure my undergarments are not showing so much. O my! O well you live & you learn. Still wanted to share though ;P

Sweater- Old Navy (US$13.99, sale)
Top- old
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)