March 4, 2014

The Oscars March 2 2014

The Oscars is the pinnacle of awards season. Celebrities usually reserve their best looks for the Oscars. 

I couldn't even pick a best dressed. There were soooo many great choices on the red carpet. And it wasn't only the ladies that shined, the men were right up there with them, as there were so may couples on the red carpet and they looked divine.

There are no words, these two are just stunning! 

Amy had a similar look at the BAFTAs. I wish she chose a different colour but she looks great.

I don't know what this is. The dress is different from how it was shown on the runway. Anna was at  New York Fashion Week for several shows - I just don't understand this choice.
Cate looks so ethereal, like in Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. 

Charlize is such a freak of nature- she's so gorgeous & modelesque. Funny how she is pictured parallel to the Oscar statue as she should be used as a mold for a statue.

I'm happy Liam's wife can go out being pregnant with twins but this waistline wasn't the right choice for her. She looks like she stuff her belly and was playing a bad joke. Also she was showing a little too much side boob. Beautiful dress though. 

Jada looks like a Grecian goddess.

Jenna is gorgeous. 

Jennifer is staying true to her contract - a Dior dress. She looks great & loved the necklace she wore and how it draped in the back. She tripped on the red carpet- she's so clumsy it's endearing.

Happy to see Julia on the red carpet. 

Kate looks so great. Just amazing!

I don't really like this look. She's a pretty lady so she's make anything look good; but it looks like she's wearing a silk robe and just wrapped it around her & pinned it. It is crushed in the front. I'm not a fan of the dark lip either.

Kristin Chenoweth looks fierce in Roberto Cavalli.

Gaga wearing Versace.

Liza is out and about. Not the greatest fashion moment with the orthopedic shoes but she's out of the house.

Ah Lupita......she's done it again. Stellar!

Matthew & Camila are such a stunning couple. Camila has allowed Matthew to shine fashion-wise this season but she saved the best for last. Fantastic & Matthew won!

Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein. I love how we paired the dress with a geometric necklace that matches the geometric print in her clutch.

Olivia is very pregnant but in this picture you couldn't even tell.

Our darling Sandy......beautiful.