March 15, 2014

Fushia & Mustard

I love wearing colour. I started picking this outfit with the shoes. These aren't your every day shoes. I also didn't want to match the shoe exactly which is why I chose this mustard skirt. I added a statement necklace to tie in the thin strip of orange in the shoes with the rest of the outfit. 

As I've mentioned before I like to wear 3 colours at a time if I can- the Trifecta. Today's outfit combines mustard, fushia and orange. The purple in the tip is brawta- a Jamaican term meaning extra.

Cardigan- Gap (US$13, sale)
Skirt- Seamstress (US$10)
Shoes- Nine West (gift)
Necklace- Charlotte Russe (US$10)
A closer look at the shoes.