August 18, 2013

~* Ronz Jewellery *~

Hi everyone, 

Been MIA for a while. I was in NYC for a bit with my mom & sister. My grandmother died & I've been hiding in a way. She was my heart, one of my most favourite persons. 

So I'm back!!!! ^_^.

As my profile says I'm an artist at heart and find ways to express myself. One way in which I do this is through my handmade beaded jewellery.

Always having a flair for the arts, I honed my talent at the CXC level (high school) doing visual arts. Not wanting to be a ‘starving artist’ however I chose to have a more traditional career in the financial sector, as in Jamaica being a successful artist is VERY hard & the market is very small. Never giving up my love for being creative though, I decided to concentrate on another aspect of art by turning to crafts. After years of buying beaded jewellery, I decided to make jewellery for myself and for my friends as gifts. After getting many compliments and inquiries ‘Ronz Jewellery’ was born in 2003. However not having the necessary business savvy to compliment my creative skills in a difficult and competitive market, the business failed and I decided to focus solely on completing my degree. After graduating and working for a couple years I used the business skills I learnt while attending the University of Technology to later relaunch in 2009.

It hasn't been an easy road as there is so much competition & I have a full time job and juggling so many things, I haven't quite given up. 

Handmade by Ronalda 

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