August 27, 2013

Heybabycakes Cupcakes

Another way I express myself artistically is through cooking and I've explored ways I could earn some money while doing something I really and truly love (art). I came up with cupcakes. They are all the rage in the US but it hasn't quite caught on as much as Jamaica. This was my opportunity so I started Heybabycakes Cupcakes Jamaica with 2 friends in 2011.

Now it's just me as one friend migrated and the other's full time job was just too demanding along with her other responsibilities. I thought I'd continue on and take an order here and there for the additional income- no matter how small. 

I especially enjoy decorating & baking as I get to taste as I go along. ^_^. I try to differentiate myself by doing cupcake bouquets & pull apart cakes. 

Check it out & place an order today ^_^.



I just love being creative!

Heybabycakes Cupcakes baked by Ronalda