April 23, 2013

My favourite words- SALE & CLEARANCE ^_^

Scoring a deal give me such a rush. I love the show Extreme Couponers on TLC. I swear if I was in the US I'd be couponing and working on building my stock pile. But I live in Jamaica and we don't really offer coupons here or I should say that the coupons are not valid here.

Anyhoo on to my favourite words. I hate buying anything full price (that's the real F word) unless I absolutely love it. Now I live within my means so scoring a deal makes me maximize my budget and I can get more for my buck essentially. When I go shopping I browse around but what I'm really looking for is the Sale or Clearance rack. I especially love these sections in the winter time in the US as the more 'summery' stuff are on sale. :). I live in Jamaica so I don't wear winter clothing.

I hate paying over US$25 for any one item. Cheap you may say but as mentioned before I live within my means. Also how I rationalize it is if I spend US$ 100 I can get at least 4 items. Also why I use that as my benchmark is because I live in Jamaica and to buy US$1 right now it costs about J$100. Now that's a lot for us here, well for me anyway. The exchange rate is flying and we import a lot of US products as a country and so everything is going up (aka inflation) as merchants pass the costs on to us consumers.

My favourite stores to go to (when I go to NYC or FLL) and to browse online are:

 - 6pm.com  
- Charlotte Russe (online also)  
- Forever 21 (online also)  
- Gap Outlet (Sawgrass Mills, FLL)  
- TJ Maxx  
- Burlington  

NB. TJ Maxx, Burlington, Marshalls, Ross are great for shoes, I wish they were online.

 I sign up for notifications from a lot of other sites also but will leave that for another post. Another little tid bit is for stores like TJ Maxx is to go to the neighbourhoods that don't have a lot of your ethnic group. How do I say this in a politically correct way?..... ok so if you're Black/African American and our shoe sizes tend to be bigger size 8 or 9 or 10 then if you shop in a neighbourhood where there are predominantly Black/African American then the shoes size you wear more than likely will be sold out and a lot of smaller sizes in the styles you like are left. Now go to a neighbourhood where it isn't mostly Black/African American and you increase your probability of finding all the nice styles in your size. How did I do? Was that PC? 

The biggest satisfaction is scoring a deal and looking like you spent a lot of money. Some people even think I'm rich because of how I dress and the amount of shoes I have. Trust me I'm not, I wish I was but I'm faking it until I can make it ^_^. Again you don't have to spend a lot of money to look like you did......I will have on a US$10 shoe and you wouldn't know it unless I told you because I don't wear it like it cost US$10. Now it's maybe valued at US$70 and that's how I wear it. It's how you carry yourself also.

Now these shoes I bought for US$11.99.  Now I can't remember how much they cost originally, maybe US$30 and it's no longer on the Forever 21 site, but score!!!!!

Shoes: Forever 21 US$11.99 (sale)
Coral Skirt: Burlington US$19.99
Jacket: Forever 21 US$15.99 (sale)
Inner blouse: Agaci US$3.99

Total outfit US$51.96
 ^_^ score!!!!