April 21, 2013

Hello everyone ^_^

Hello everyone, 

This is my first blog post!!!!. 

I'm so excited. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I hope I can fix this blog up to look how I want it to and for it to serve the purpose I want it to. 

So on to that, what is the purpose of this blog? I want to show that one does not have to have a lot of money to look good, hence the term frugalista. Also to spread the message that you are not shallow for wanting to look good. I have several purposes now that I think of it but basically I want to share my world with the world - lol.

I did art in high school and wanted to pursue a career in art. However in Jamaica, it's hard to be a successful artist so I did business subjects as my "back up plan". I've been working in the financial industry for the last 8 years, as I got my Bachelors Degree in Finance & International Business. However I have never forgotten my love for creating & doing something artsy. My dream job is to be a stylist or do something in fashion that pays well like be a buyer or something. Can you imagine being paid to shop and travelling and such? 

One of my philosophies is if I don't feel good I must at least TRY to look good ('try' being the operative word).

I LOVE fashion and I'm a shoeaholic (there I admit it :)). I have a passion for fashion!

I will be sharing other things I'm interested in and other happenings but at the heart of it all will be my love for the arts & by extension fashion.