April 30, 2013

Jamaica land we love

I am born & grown in Kingston, Jamaica. I love my country and sometimes, I have to admit, I take it for granted. I have never lived elsewhere but I have travelled to several countries and I must say it makes me appreciate this little piece of rock even more- the culture, the music, the natural beauty, etc.

My mother is visiting from the US. So we went to Montego Bay for the weekend (we call it country but to the people of Montego Bay, they don't consider themselves country as it's the 2nd city. To us Kingstonians though, anywhere outside of Kingston is country :p).

I took a few pictures and just wanted to share them with you all.

Beach at the end of 'Bottom Road' - some people call it Sunset Beach & some call it Carlisle Beach. It's in front of Sandals Carlisle. Free public beach, no fish though but there are people that sell snacks.

Crystal clear water ^_^

View from Mango Walk, so relaxing....