February 18, 2015

~*IF*~ Makeup Tip: Mascara

I was watching the Grammy's pre-show on E! on last week Sunday. They were showing some makeup looks and the makeup artist shared a little tip.

I'm not really into makeup so this was news to me. I do, however, like to wear mascara. If nothing else, I like to wear mascara and lip gloss.  I don't apply the mascara every day though maybe every other day or so.

So the tip is to hold a business card over your eye lid while swiping on the mascara on your top and/or bottom lashes. Who would have thunk it?! Lol. Sure enough I tried this while applying my 5 minute face while in traffic in my car.  My 5 minute face involves applying some foundation to cover any acne scars I have, mascara and lip gloss.

It really worked. Normally after applying my mascara I have to try to carefully wipe off the transfer on my eyelids, I often end up messing up my fanned out lashes in the process and have to do it again. My work around was to apply the mascara, wipe off the transfer then run through my lashes again with a old mascara wand that looks like a little comb.

My lashes was perfectly fanned out and no mess!

See below for some other tips using a business card from www.michellephan.com.