August 13, 2014

~* Island Frugalista*~ find: Nordic Ware Popcorn Popper

I am a frugal person, not by choice initially but by necessity. I've always had to make a dollar stretch, and working in investments, I'm all about making my money work for me. 

I've been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and incorporate small, healthier choices into my daily tasks/routine. 

On my journey I found out that my absolute favourite snack, popcorn, was loaded with fat and additives that were not good for me. The calorie content isn't that bad but it's the fat content that was really shocking to me when I entered it in my food tracker on I would usually eat 2 microwave popcorn bags at a time. Yikes!

It was hard to cut out my favourite snack all together so I sought a way to make it healthier. I used to have an air popper years earlier but didn't really like it. I would have to add the salt after and would have to add a lot of salt to make it taste half decent. 

In reading a fitness lifestyle blog,, Sarah wrote about a device where it was an healthier option and easy to use- Nordic Ware Popcorn popper. I immediately went to Amazon to see how I could get my hands on one. Even better, it costs between US$8-12. Score! I order 1 and got it the next time I went to NYC to see my mother. 

It's so easy to use too. Just add 1/3 cup kernels, add oil (optional)- I usually spray a little PAM or add a little olive oil, and sprinkle some a little sea salt on it (2 shakes). Cover it with the lid and put it in the microwave. I had to do a little testing to see what amount of time yielded the best results. I burnt a couple batches at first. My microwave is 1100V and it's perfectly done in 3 minutes 25 seconds. ^_^

You can add other seasonings if you like also. 

I burnt up one by leaving it too long in the microwave; and accidentally melted the cover of the top (left it on the toaster oven by mistake). I've ordered for myself, my sisters and my mother. 

I've found it to be a lot cheaper to buy the kernels versus microwave popcorn and it yields a lot more also. I get the 2lb bag at Walmart for US$1.88. Score!