December 28, 2013

**nErDy 30**

I turned the big 3-0 last month. I must say that my 29th year of life was quite an interesting one especially at the start of 2013. I was thinking wow I’d be turning 30 this year on New Year’s Day and that’s when I was like ‘Sh#t, I’d be turning 30 this year’ and started freaking out.

It started a whole journey of thinking about my life and where I was at age 30. I did a lot of self-inspection and examined a lot of relationships in my life. I called it my ‘turning 30 crisis’ and it was for me. I went through a lot emotionally in 2013. I ended some relationships, focused on the ones I thought were worth it, backed off some and started some new ones. The biggest loss was losing my grandmother in August. That was the biggest blow as she was sooooooo important to me and I loved her dearly. I also started to do better health wise also by eating better and working out. I surprised myself by reducing my meat consumption, upped my veggies/whole foods even eating veggie chunks- which if you know me that’s like cutting off my own arm with a rusty, dull knife. LOL.

I feel great though. I’m not 100% of where I want to be but I’m making progress and happy for the progress I’ve made. I’m trying to be more positive and invite more positive energy into my life ( has been a big help with this).

I basically celebrated for a month and started in Jamaica, then NYC, then Dubai then back to NYC and back home. It was either I go to Dubai or buy myself a Michele watch I had my eye on for 3 years now. I decided to go to Dubai as my gift to myself and visit a dear friend. I have another expensive watch and barely wear it due to it being so expensive (to me it’s very expensive). The Michele watch was 3-4 times more expensive than that one so I knew I’d hardly wear it.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures from my birthday celebrations. ^_^

Mommy got me balloons (NYC)

Just getting to Dubai - 12 hours on Emirates. Oy!. Really nice airline.
Dubai Marina
Alicia Keys Concert (Dubai)
Desert Safari

View from Burj Khalifa- Tallest building in the world

Birthday Dinner at Tribe South African Restaurant, Mall of Emirates, Dubai

View from the Burj Khalifa
Took a boat ride at Old Dubai

Doing shisha at Club Indulge, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
Indulge Dubai

Back in NYC, celebrating Christmas early with my mom & sister. Mommy knows I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic ^_^

My first Broadway show- Chicago

Time Square on my birthday went for dinner at Blue Marina Grill at Union Square

Really yummy food at Blue Marina Grill.
Hair was taking too long to grow back and lots of damage from colouring etc so you know what.....

Finished product- Big Chop o_0
Love my short hair. I think shorter hair is less stress than longer hair. ^_^
Dinner at OPA Greek Restaurant (Jamaica)
Dinner at OPA Greek Restaurant (Jamaica)

Dinner at OPA Greek Restaurant (Jamaica)