December 13, 2013

Leggings: friend or foe?

I am ‘bottom heavy’ to say the least, so when the leggings trend hit the fashion world I wasn’t too keen on them. Not to mention the printed ones. Leggings really though is just long tights- as with many things in fashion, it's just a twist on a previous trend. I am pretty wide and didn’t think I leggings were for me as I don’t like clothes that are that fitted and accentuate all my curves and I mean all of them.
I did buy the plain ones and felt comfortable wearing them with long tops that cover my butt at least. Like Kourtney Kardashian, I have to “CTC” (Cover the Camel). I don’t want to look like the Prancerise Lady with a huge camel toe.
It took me a while to be brave enough to wear leggings not to mention wearing printed ones. I loved the tribal prints and kept seeing girls wearing them and after a while I bought one. I went to AGACI in Sawgrass Mills and the store clerk had on a pair. My mother suggested that I get one too as she looked good in it & they were sold in the store (there is something to store employees wearing clothes sold at the store- living mannequins). First off I was like, I’m bigger than her, it might not look so cute on me but she insisted and even bought a pair for herself. To my surprise they actually stretched enough to fit -thank God for stretch material, as they also help to keep everything in check ;).
The moral of the story is don’t wear something because it’s the thing to wear now but wear what you are comfortable in. On the other hand, sometimes we have to go a little outside of our comfort zone.
Well I kind of was still in my comfort zone as I wore a long top ^_^.

Conclusion: Leggings are a friend if you are comfortable in them.
Wore this to a Retro party YUSH 2012. Thought I looked the part, kind of a 80s Dancehall look.

Boots- Nine West
Leggigs- AGACI
Top-Old Navy
Clutch- ASOS
Accessories- Charlotte Russe (necklace) & Manhattan Jewelry Wholesales